Our Company, responding to the needs of the time, has decided to provide you with face protection shields.

*Price: 4,80 € with VAT / set*

! Minimum quantity: 5 pcs !

Free shipping within Attica.

Ideal for every worker who comes in constant contact with healthy and non-healthy people.

The face shield, unlike the simple mouth mask, keeps every microdroplet at a safe distance, while also keeping the user’s hands away from unintentional contact with the face.


-Dazzling (non-dazzling).
-Adjustable on the head -Does not dazzle, does not dull the eye -Adjustable to the head
-Lightweight, easy to wear, lightweight, easy to wear, lightweight, lightweight, easy to wear, lightweight, lightweight
-Worn over eyeglasses or work glasses
-All its materials are recyclable.

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